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When is the right date for your gardening activities!


When should I plant which plant, so that it blooms in time? In which months does my lawn need special care? Which care the garden needs during the winter time? Don't ask any longer – The answers you will find on the WOLF-Garten calendar.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips January

Just under snow and ice lurk some hazards for your garden.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips February

Frost will then be less of a problem

When it is really cold we withdraw into our houses, but evergreens such as thuja (arbor vitea) have to stand outside in the frost without any protection. If the cold is too severe the leaves or even the shoots discolour and die quickly. For that reason, cut away all dead twigs and foliage so that the plants can produce shoots again there.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips March

Spend some time regularly in your garden from March onwards and you will be rewarded the whole year.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips April

Experienced lawn enthusiasts swear by the cleaning action of scarification. In any case there is no better way to get rid of thatch from the remnants of dead plants and grass cuttings as well as moss and shallow-rooted weeds.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips May

Creating a good-looking, dense, deep green lawn is a science in itself. We will spare a course of study in "Creating a new lawn" by giving you here all the important information to that your dream lawn will succeed.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips June

Climbing plants grow especially strongly in the early months - and above all, where they will. This can quickly produce a small jungle in your garden.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips July

The lawn is generally the centrepiece on which life in the garden mainly takes place. A few regular actions ensure that your lawn will remain good-looking all summer long.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips August

It does not help much to use the watering can little but often, instead it is better to water less often but more thoroughly so that the water seeps in and the roots grow deep.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips September

Once it is no longer so hot and it rains more, that is the ideal time to divide and plant out your bushes and shrubs. First cut off all the plant parts near the ground and dig out the roots. Then shorten them and divide them into several small pieces with a spade. Water them well once they have been planted again - and that is it! Now your "new shrubs" will have sufficient time to grow out before winter comes.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips October

Brightly coloured autumn foliage looks picturesque on your lawn. Unfortunately, it robs the grass of the light that it urgently needs. The results are less colourful: bald patches and the risk of fungal infections. For that reason it is better to take your leaf rake and clean your lawn of leaves. The collected leaves are nonetheless useful: as protection from delicate shrubs and bushes.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips November

Make your garden look nice once again before the winter comes. Separate overhanging grass from the edge with the lawn edging spade and remove the narrow piece of lawn with a spade. Use a long board as a sort of ruler so that straight edges do not get curved or go off course. In this way you can quickly produce a new "sharp" lawn edge.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips December

While snow and ice cover your garden, you can use the quiet time in winter to maintain and clean up lawnmowers, shears and cordless tools for the coming garden season.

Garden Tips

Here you will find helpful tips and tricks around your garden. It is worthwhile to take a look, because we are constantly expanding this section with new topics and contributions. The team at WOLF-Garten wishes a lot of fun.