WOLF-Garten Warranty

WOLF-Garten Warranty

35 Year Warranty

35 years ago, in 1982, WOLF-Garten launched an innovation that revolutionised the market for gardening: multi-star®. 35 years later, multi-star® is still the most innovative changing system for gardening tools – and we want to celebrate that! With further optimised equipment, new packaging and an extended warranty of 35 years, no less!


Two year warranty

With our two year warranty on all LI-ION POWER replaceable rechargeable batteries bought in conjunction with a tool before 1st November 2014, we are sending a very clear signal. This is thanks to the selection of top-quality components and certified quality assurance along the entire manufacturing process.

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Three year warranty

We give you a three year warranty on all motorised garden tools. This applies to all tools that bought after 1st November 2014 (for tools with an earlier purchase date: two year warranty), limited to subsequent fulfilment and in accordance with the terms and conditions of warranty (excluding wearing parts).

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Ten year warranty

For hand tools and all manually controlled trimmers (loppers, garden shears, hedge trimmers, grass shears), the duration of this manufacturer’s warranty is ten (10) years commencing on the day the Product is sold to the End Customer.

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I. WOLF-Garten guarantees that this seed will germinate within 6 weeks if you
follow the instructions for use and the required conditions for sowing. What we understand by successful germination is at least 40 germinated grass stalks over an area of 10 x 10 cm.

II. We will of course replace the seeds if you do not get the desired germination results despite following the instructions for sowing and subsequent care and meet the following preconditions:

a) The WOLF-Garten seed was bought not more than 6 months before.
b) You still have the original receipt, and quote us the mixture number from the green label on the bottom (starting with DE07 ...).


We cannot honour a claim under warranty if the lawn was subjected to flooding, frost or drought after the seed was sown.

The WOLF-Garten "GERMINATION GUARANTEE" applies to the products that have this information as long as they were purchased in DE, AT, CH, IT, NL or BE.

The WOLF-Garten "GERMINATION GUARANTEE" is restricted solely to a replacement of the WOLF-Garten seed. We hereby explicitly exclude any other claims, such as for compensatory damages.

This does not affect your legal rights as a consumer.


The road map to an optimal lawn

Congratulations on the purchase of a high-quality WOLF-Garten product. If you follow the steps given in the operating manual, your new lawn, or the renovation of an existing lawn, is guaranteed to be a success even without digging over. If your lawn grass does not germinate despite following the road map carefully, then we will replace this product at no charge.