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A good lawn is everything

Creating a New Lawn

Creating a good-looking, dense, deep green lawn is a science in itself. We will spare a course of study in "Creating a new lawn" by giving you here all the important information to that your dream lawn will succeed.

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It is a question of the seed

Lawn seed is not always lawn seed. For example, WOLF-Garten Premium-Rasen premium lawn mix has 100,000 stalks per square metre, while cheap seeds have on average only 20,000. You can see at once why the lawn seed from the supermarket always looks so thin. And that even if you do all the mowing, scarification, fertilizing and watering. In addition, lawn plants chosen to grow high require significantly more work in mowing and disposing of the grass that do types that grow in width. In other words, Choose instead the high-quality seeds from WOLF-Garten. Your lawn will thank you for this.