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Beauty care for your lawn

Caring for Lawns

The lawn is generally the centrepiece on which life in the garden mainly takes place. A few regular actions ensure that your lawn will remain good-looking all summer long - and will grow again vigorously next year.

What to do with the cut grass?

Not into the bin for organic waste or off to the recycling centre! The nice things about natural products is this: You can reuse them - and the same applies to lawn cuttings.

Composting grass:
Cut grass composts well – but only if you mix with it with other organic waste from the kitchen and the shredder.

Mulching bushes and shrubs:
Grass cuttings can also be recycled as a mulching layer under bushes and shrubs.

Mulching lawns:
Leave the grass on the lawn as a mulching layer than has been cut extra finely. Almost all the WOLF-Garten lawnmowers offer this function. For those that do not have this function it is possible to get a mulching kit as an accessory.