WOLF Garten Calendar Tips January
The glorious white does not leave you cold

Dealing with Snow and Ice

You have the least amount to do in the garden in the winter months. Just a few things to look after your plants. It now happens more often that you are woken up by scraping or engine noises. A look out of the window confirms what you thought: It has snowed - and how!

Clearing Snow From Paths and Gardens

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips December
WOLF Garten Calendar Tips December

Even if there was not always a white coating in December in recent years: Do not forget that (in Germany, at least) you are required by law to clear snow off footpaths and to scatter something to prevent slipping. For the sake of the environment, please do not spread salt and use instead sand, fine gravel or sawdust. Other people, animals and also your own hedges will thank you for that. Also free your evergreen plants from too much snow. Just shake them gently, remember that the twigs break easily if you use too much force.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips December

Optimal for Large Amounts of Snow

You need strong helpers if there has been a lot of snow. It is better if you can do the clearing with motor power instead of muscle power. WOLF-Garten has four strong models for this.