Finding the Right Lawnmower

How to find the perfect lawnmower

The most important garden tool is without doubt the lawnmower - whether a manual type or a fully equipped lawn tractor. It must be right for you, for your budget, and for your garden. In order to ensure that you will have many years of pleasure in mowing, it is best to make your decision on the basis of three criteria:

1. Determining the quality
First of all, make your (preliminary) choice from among the three quality categories given here, or in other words, define the general demands that you will make on your new working tool.

2. Select the drive system
Then there is the question as to whether you need a simple manual cylinder lawnmower or whether a cordless, electric or petrol lawnmower is better for you. For example, this depends on the power supply in your house and garden, and also with regard to your wishes concerning the weight of the mower and the noise that it produces.

3. Find a model
The size of your lawn is a determining factor for the cutting width and the required capacity of the collecting bag. This depends upon how much time you have for mowing.
The greater the working width and collecting volume, the sooner you will be finished with the work.

One of them is yours: Garden technology in four quality categories

Whether a motor tiller, trimmer, lawnmower or lawn tractor: It need not always be the most expensive one, but instead the most suitable one. WOLF-Garten offers four quality categories for that reason.