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Discover Premium Quality WOLF-Garten Seeds and Fertilizers - Sourced with the finest ingedients WOLF-Garten is dedicated to provide top quality Seeds and Fertilizer mixtures trusted by Homeowners and Professionals Alike!

WOLF Garten Seeds

Starting is easy

Creating a New Lawn

How about a hard-wearing lawn where your children or your dog can play and where you can have garden parties? Or would you prefer a lush green lawn with dense growth that is simply stunning to look at? Or should your lawn be easy to create and care for? Whatever your favourite lawn, we have good news for you: WOLF-Garten has exactly the right lawn for all requirements. Complete with high-quality grasses and the WOLF-Garten GERMINATION GUARANTEE. That's how your new lawn is a success right away.

WOLF Garten Seeds

Lasting repairs at a stroke

Lawn Renovation

After a hot summer, your lawn can be damaged and have dry spots. Following your kids' last football match or your garden party, there may be a bare patch or two. Maybe you've moved plants, or your dog has been digging for something. No problem! WOLF-Garten lawn repair products help you repair your lawn rapidly and reliably for a fresh, healthy look. And for those who don't want to wait, there are ultra-fast-germinating »turbo« products.

WOLF Garten Seeds

So that the lawn always looks fantastically beautiful

Mineral Lawn Care

Most soils don't provide enough nutrients, so to fertilize is a must. With WOLF-Garten long-acting lawn fertilisers, you give your lawn everything it needs – ideally tailored to the seasonal requirements of your lawn plants. The result is a real dream lawn which is extremely durable and withstands moss and weeds. WOLF-Garten long-term lawn fertilizer provides your lawn plants with all the key nutrients they need. Thanks to a shell-type coating, an immediate, controlled initial effect without explosive growth is possible, as well as an even more uniform fertilising effect over many weeks. It promotes the healthy, dense and vigorous growth of grass plants and strengthens their resistance to moss and weeds.

WOLF Garten Seeds

Plants and vegetables thrive

Organic Garden Fertilizer

All »Natura Bio« special fertilizers feature a balanced nutrient content for your plants. The fertilizers are enriched with mycorrhiza. These microorganisms attach themselves to the plant roots and increase nutrient uptake. The natural root growth is strengthened and the plants' resistance to heat and dryness is improved by utilizing soil moisture. Resistance against pests and fungi has also been increased, making the plants significantly more vital. In brief: when it comes to achieving optimal fertilization, the »Natura Bio« fertilizers from WOLF-Garten are your best option.

WOLF Garten Seeds

Organic Lawn Care

Ecological lawn and garden maintenance

Back to nature: Many home gardeners and even professionals want eco-friendly, gentle nutrients for their lawns and gardens. WOLF-Garten has the answer: with a special seed and fertilizer range characterized by the sustainability of the high-quality, natural ingredients: »Natura Bio«. It consists of purely natural ingredients, so it is 100% vegan - unique in the seeds and fertilizers market!

Enjoy your dream lawn even more

To be healthy and lush, your lawn – depending on the weather and the season – regularly needs a specific, balanced mix of nutrients (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). With the fertilizer, lime and after-sowing products from »Natura Bio«, perfect care can be achieved right away. Thanks to the sustainability of the high-quality natural ingredients, this is at the same time extremely caring and compatible with the soil of your garden. New in the range is the »Natura Bio« soil activator for the promotion of the soil life and improvement of soil fertility. Lime and organically bound nutrients in the soil activator ensure a favourable pH value. Tired, low in nutrients soil is reactivated and growth disturbances are eliminated. Tip: use your »Natura Bio« soil activator together with »Natura Bio« fertilizer to improve plant health and to increase your yields.

Ultra-fast fertilization

The lawn care revolution: Liquid fertilizer from WOLF-Garten! This fertilizer is fast and easy to use. Simply connect the spray bottle to the garden hose, switch on, and spray over your lawn. You can cover up to 100 m² of lawn in just three minutes. It's never been so easy to fertilize your lawn!