WOLF GartenTree Shrub Hedge
A lot grows there

Tree, Shrub & Hedge

Shrubs need the right sort of care to grow properly and flourish. WOLF-Garten offers you everything that you need in the way of tools and equipment, so that you can do this. Just take a look at our range!

WOLF GartenTree Shrub Hedge

Always a good cut

Garden shears of WOLF-Garten

There are always a great many small things to do in any garden - undoubtedly in yours as well. It is very practical to always have the right cutting tool to hand. WOLF-Garten offers you a wide range of models from cost-effective universal shears up to professional tools.

WOLF GartenTree Shrub Hedge

Powerful pruning

Loppers from WOLF-Garten

The loppers from WOLF-Garten are what you need to deal with thicker wood by converting the energy that you apply into maximum force. Ergonomic handle design, top quality and innovative blade technology ensure pleasant working without stressing the joints and perfect cutting on a long-term basis.

Shape small hedges perfectly

Manual hedge trimmers from WOLF-Garten

If you do not have a long hedge to trim, then a manual hedge trimmer from WOLF-Garten is just the right thing. The free-running mechanism means that you can apply power while cutting without needing a great deal of energy. The long-lasting blade is extremely resistant to wear and guarantees perfect cutting for many years.

Bring Your Hedge into Shape

Electric hedge trimmers of WOLF-Garten

Whether natural visual screening, an exuberant flowering hedge or an artistically pruned box hedge; whatever the hedge looks like, it needs precise cutting and trimming so that it stays the way that it was planned to be. WOLF-Garten offers you a wide range of electric and cordless hedge trimmers to allow you to do this job quickly and effortlessly.

WOLF GartenTree Shrub Hedge

Cut wood down to size

Shredders of WOLF-Garten

You can be sure that there will also be a lot of tree and hedge cuttings every spring and autumn. A shredder from WOLF-Garten means that you can convert even bulky cut materials into chipped wood. The shredded material is cut and broken up finely enough to be spread as mulch or else composted.

To come to the point: Both versions have their advantages. But what is important for you: With both types of garden shredder from WOLF-Garten you can transform flower cutting and hedge trimmings into useful chipped wood.

Blade-type shredders - finely shredded, ideal for composting

Blade-type shredders work on the planing principle. The blades arranged on a rotating disk cut the material that is fed in into very fine slices. The chips that are produced as a result offer an optimal contact surface for the microorganisms in the compost to carry out their work of breaking it down.

Roller-type shredder - high performance, little noise

It is not without good reason that the roller-type shredders from WOLF-Garten are called quiet shredders. They crush the material to be shredded with slowly rotating cutting rollers. For this reason the noise level of a roller-type shredder is noticeably less than that of a blade-type shredder. In addition, the chips that are produced are split under pressure. This increases the area of the material to be shredded and the aids the decomposition process.

Including collection container

All models have a collecting box to collect the shredded material.

WOLF GartenTree Shrub Hedge

Work safely from the ground

Tree Cutters of WOLF-Garten

If you stand with your two feet on the ground your body can relax - and you cannot fall from a ladder or a tree, which is the biggest accident risk in the garden. You can work safely and with a good view up to a height of 5.50 m with the tree cutters from WOLF-Garten.