WOLF Garten Calendar Tips March
The basis for your dream garden

Preparing the Soil

Spend some time regularly in your garden from March onwards and you will be rewarded the whole year. The range of attachments and handles from the multi-star® system make soil tillage very easy.

What type of soil does your garden have?

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips March
Medium-Heavy Loamy Soil

Lucky you! This is made up of a good mix of clay and sand, allows roots to obtain a good hold and quickly takes in air and water. Above all: It is easy to work.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips March
Light Sandy Soil

Good for you! It is fine-grained, light and lets water through. You can "work" it without too much effort. Work in some humus and water it regularly, then it will make you very happy.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips March
Heavy Clayey Soil

Difficult! This tends to form a hard crust if it dries out. Water penetrates it only slowly, roots and gardeners alike have to fight hard to get through. Work in some sand and loosen the soil up well, that improves its quality enormously.

Testing the pH value


This can be done very simply with a test kit from a garden centre: Roses, for example, like a pH value of 5.5 to 7.0. Rhododendrons really flourish between 4.2 and 5.5.