WOLF Garten Calendar Tips getting roses

Getting your Roses Into Form

Pruning produces better flowers


Severely cut back all roses that bloom more often in the year so that they come out in their full splendour later at the right time. To do this, first of all remove the dead stems just above the ground, then the oldest and weakest ones, and leave 3 to 5 vigorous buds. Now prune them back to a length of around 25 cm and then give them a generous helping of long-term fertilizer. You will really get some splendid blooms in the summer! When the buds get bigger, than is the time to reach for the garden shears. Even if some people are of the opinion that early pruning harms a later abundance of flowers, it is exactly the opposite: Only determined pruning, and not tentative in anyway, will rejuvenate the roses and force the production of new stems that will flower all the better later. So then, off to the roses!

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips getting roses

Pruning Roses Properly

Cut the rose stems at a slant about 1 cm above the so-called "eye", a bud on the stem. Ensure that the “eyes” outwards so that the shoots have room to grow. It is also important that there are still two buds after the pruning back.

WOLF Garten Calendar Tips getting roses

Fertilizing Helps

After the pruning, work a composite fertilizer into the soil. It can be a mineral or an organic one - but it should not contain any chlorides, since there is generally a risk of providing too much chloride, and that can damage the plant, depending on its tolerance to chlorides.